A Guy And Girl

Written by: sadaf syed

Note:A Guy and girl's feelings are expressed in alternate stanzas

Guy: Although there's nothing less in the life of mine,
        Today a girl I've thought to join.
        She's too valuable to me,more than a jewel,
        I'm going to tell her today that she's my angel.

Girl: Although everything I want is by my side,
       My love for him I cannot hide.
       This to him I want to say,
       And I might as well just do today.

       Spike my hair,put on my shoe,
       Wear her favorite color blue.
       Looking cool,there is no doubt,
       Grab my keys and go out.

       Put on my lens,comb my hair,
       Mess of the room on deciding what to wear.
       Look myself in the mirror, blush
       Already late, leave in a rush..

       Reach college, at the gate,
       But for her where shall I wait?
       As far as I know, I've seen,
       That she first heads towards canteen.

       Arrive at college,step in
       But there is no trace of him.
       Moving towards canteen, hope there he'll be
       Probably waiting just for me..

       Sitting here, in a trance
       To tell her my feelings this is my chance.
       Thought of my lines once more,
       And sat,eyes fixed to the door.

       I enter, him waiting I could find,
       Joined him, shared what's on my mind.
       Found out that I wasn't wrong,
       He too loved me all along ..

       Overhear her talks with the other guy,
       "She loves him not me", I sadly sigh.
       I leave,convincing myself to not regret
       As in life everything doesn't turn out as we expect.