Risky love

Written by: Kay Hipolito

I never thought i'd b falling, so far so fast
So many questions, I can't help but ask
Do you feel for me, what I feel for you?
Is this just a fling, could it be something true?
Will you cause me pain, and lead me to tears?
Is this worth all the risk, and facing my fears?
Am I perfect in your eyes, no matter what?
Will you love me for me, or someone i'm not?
Will you always be loyal, will you always be true?
Or are my dreams of real love, misleading me too?
Do you mean every word, every action you've done?
Or will I get hurt in the process, of finding out if you're the one?
Should I take the fall, if in the end it could be lies?
When what I thought would last forever, fades away and dies?
Will you keep every promise, or make promises you can't keep?
Is there really someone for me out there, or will I be forever incomplete...