Written by: Lizzie Treetop

Happy day after, our Cupid’s little arrow was thrust
To those with a new true love may it forever last
To those whom our little cupid cruelly passed bye
.Do not fret all you need is one big chocolate and candy blast
What is so great about a heart so fluttering you think you will die
Go out and treat yourself to all that is splendid in life
One never ever knows what's just around the bend
Who needs wanting to cut your heart out with a knife
Cupid at times can you to the madhouse send
So keep singing and dancing, and paint the town red
Be free as a bird and fly upwards alone yet fully content
And don’t worry if it is just for sex that you jumped into bed
Love brings huge grocery bills, noisy kids, landlords wanting rent
Who needs love, and those bloody moonbeams in your head
Who needs candlelight, when you're tired and your energy spent
Cupid’s arrow can at times hurt and even rip your soul apart 
Yes so much better to give this love stuff a mighty good pass
Or you will find that suddenly you no longer own your heart .