Written by: FARRAH SINHA

                  Mama, can you rock me in your arms tonight?
                               I just want to fall asleep,
                  The pain is wasting me inside,
                               I’m tired but can’t close my eyes
                  Still haven't found my peace.

                   The world is celebrating Love,
                               As I gently choose to rest,
                   My eyes are heavy, pulse is weak
                               But the heaviness still weighs my breast.

                  Long weary years of strive I’ve passed,
                              You promised that the pain won’t last...
                  What’s that Mama, in your eye?
                              A tear for all the times I’ve tried.

                  Don’t worry Mama, I feel peace
                             Here in your arms I found paradise,
                  In the distance, I have found my sun,
                             My eyes are heavy and I’m traveling far
                  But this journey is a happy one.