If Walls could talk

Written by: Cheryl Aldea

Here I am, you’re in my mind once again
Thinking so much of you
A way that makes me to smile
That I find myself humming 
A love song time and again
So lead me to the dance floor
Let our feet sway to the music of our heart
Let me be your queen for just a moment
Let me be the one to hold you
And keep you here with me
But, why As I open my eyes 
Suddenly you fade away in my arms
I find myself dancing with the wind
You’re image has disappeared 
Like a smoke, between this wall
So I have sat in the cathedra, that old as a decade
Like my love that I felt 
That becomes old memories
Maybe, I should write words
On the wall 
What I have felt inside
It is the only thing can describe
Unspoken words
Maybe then, Walls could talk
To deliver every letter in your heart
If walls could talk
Perhaps, you can read every word 
In my eyes

Written By : Cheryl Aldea
----April 02, 2011----
Copyright @ 2011
All rights reserved.