Why oh why the leaves do fall

Written by: Melody Coster

I watch the trees daily change their clothes
the leaves all different colors by natures design
they hang around for days on end
then suddenly begin their final journey
falling ever so gently to the ground
a dance they perform with yearly splendor
for all to enjoy in wounderous glory.
We pile the leaves in ever higher piles
ande take great delight in jumpin among them
to feel the cool fall dampness they excrete
and also, to delight in the crunchy sound they make
wondering how long we shall be able to continue
in this most joyous of falls experiences.
When fall passes into wintery white
some leaves most brave and strong
continue to cling seemingly forever
to what has been home since their beginning
a home they seem not to want to give up
for a fate they know all to well is inevitable
the end of yet another beginning
for many more of their kind.