Where I have traveled before

Written by: Melody Coster

Many paths I have traveled before
those these I do not remember.
I see things which seem ever so familiar
yet whose sensations bring fears I cannot shake.
Roads journeyed many times within my past
people I have met before yet don't remember
though they profess to know who I am.
Perhaps my mind has failed me once again
for this I know has happened before.
I haved witnessed things best forgotten
bloody battles fought in centuries past
many lives wasted for beliefs all their own.
I have traveled alone and with others
most often I prefer the quiet solitude 
of traveling alone with myself
the quiet allowing much more freedom
this freedom allowing me to travel
within a world that doesn't know that I exist.
Am I the only one who is destined 
to live this life of traveling alone?
Or is it that I can't see the countless others
who might travel along beside me?
Are we, these unknown countless others
ever going to know that we do not travel alone?