The Devil Inside

Written by: Halie Doland

                                        The words of one unhearted man
                                   Arise from this depths of this here ground. 
                         For which they have just emerged, from this unfound cache
                                    to stir the world with just one laugh.

                                                 To show all fiery
                                              and to feel all misery, 
                                   He laughs at us with such a grimace
                                   as you wince at each, break of dust.

                                              A nuisance is he,
                                        and a fool thinks not he. 
                                 For the man has evil deep into his core.
                      Cares not one, but for himself, he takes all with forgery.

                     Until the day may come, that the King of all Malevolent man
                Will he finally find to himself forever a slave, and his eternal home.