To my lover

Written by: Ifeoma Ofuani

You stand at my doorway, bound in grace
I am so happy, all i see is your face
Butterflies swarm round in new visions
Share this love, like in James Bond's missions
My mother will cry if we elope
My father will charge my fate to the Pope
This our union shall be a conflict with my religion
But i refuse to see reason, only my treason
Love is blind, but we can see
Love is patient and we have time
Love is truth, so far we know.
Love does not parade itself, we are in hiding
Love never fails, so we must succeed.
In faith and love we shall abide
We will push parents, friends and the world aside.
Thoughts of happiness flood my mind
My mind that floats;
My parents wish to wind
To turn me against you my love
You angel, my darling from above.

The greatest miracle you performed
After meeting me, you pursued
Was all one great romance
A romance so dear, it should be shown to all of France
Royal as i am, that time will pass
When royalty weds royalty, the commoner weds the lass
Till then dear lover, take care of yourself
When the tides have blown over, I won't be myself
I'll be what i've promised and who you want
Your wife, friend and partner till death
My heart i entrust to your care
Until then, dear lover, please remember
My heart burns for you, just like ember.