The Hunter and the Hunted

Written by: Christopher Stones

I keep running from something, but I do not know what
It keeps following me no matter the places I go or the doors I shut

I never hear it, but if I wait too long it’s upon me
Though I hide, it doesn’t matter, I’m never free

It’s in my head, it’s in my soul
Filled with dread, seeking control

Constantly running is killing me inside
Sometimes I wish I had already died

Instead I continue my pace, I carry on
I push myself forward in this exhausting marathon

Maybe I’m not running away, but instead towards 
Maybe I shouldn’t be afraid of what’s behind as I continue forward

Falling over and over, I always somehow manage to pick myself up
Despite the doubt and fear, I am confident, never admitting defeat, I know I am tough

My resolve is constantly tested as I hear the voices inside criticize and taunt
But I have undying hope and an iron will, I will get where I am going, I will get what I want