A moment in time

Written by: Charles Ruble

Our lives started together,young,
They grew to a point in which we never could have known.
The love we felt for one another we never thought would waiver,
Then it happened,after all that time together.
Our lives that we had were torn apart in one instant,
One thing lead to our demise,
Something beyond our control,beyond our very thoughts.
I remember sitting in that hospital,
Trying to figure out why this could of happened to you,
why this could have happened to us.
All the pain,all the strokes,all the surgeries.
After eight years of the pain and suffering,
after all the times of being with you through it all,
You gave up on me.
You left me hurting without a care,
You left our daughter without remorse.
Why is the only question I can think of,
Why would you do such a thing when all I ever did was love you?
I guess maybe you were lost and bored with us,
You needed someone new.
I guess maybe we were,
Just a moment in time.