He Shelters Me With Care

Written by: Avis Bailey

When I'm down and my troubles overtake me, And I can't understand just what to do, I feel so small and He's so far up above me, I wonder can He really see and hear me,too. My hope, I call on Him to listen, For, I know His answers will be true. On Him I pour my troubled soul, For I know He's in control, In the shelter of His wings, He'll see me through. Oh,hallelujah, praise His name, what a Saviour. When I call on Him He's always there. I have no doubt that my prayers, He will answer, For with His wings He shelters me with care. We're living in an age of self-destruction. Satan seems to be in control everywhere. So many lives have been shattered and broken, Yet, as Christians it seems we do not care. I know it won't be long 'till Jesus comes again, Our heartaches and troubled lives will disappear, But until then I'll keep my eyes upon my Saviour, Cause with His wings I'm sheltered in His care.