Not an Exaggeration

Written by: Ash Mac

The things that I know about bathrooms and such!
The history, mechanics, and hygiene-so much!
Especially the toilet-Ol' Privy's my friend!
I love him so much; on him I depend.

As such a convenience I had to repay
That throne that made me win National History Day
A grand in my pocket and more toward college
The toilet deserves more folks to him acknowledge.

I clean him each day just to show him respect
For all that he did - him we cannot neglect
Shining that seat and fixing his flush
The jeering I get for it does make me blush.

But sometime or another you'll hear me proclaim
Some facts about Crapper, or sanitation aid.
Although it's taboo, it aught not to be
For that reason some don't have places to pee!

Two years to this day it's still with me now
The winning performance on toilets and how
Much I still spew those hygienic details;
O toilet, thou never to me have failed!

I did it again in this pesky ol' couplet!
I spit out some facts and I didn't even know it!