What keeps me in the race

Written by: mark escobar

I can still recall the past,
replete with wounded memories;
questions and issues spilled over
and beyond those bounds which made me down.

They may be deep in reality
but, they taught me how to be strong and faithful.
for they’re means to metaphorical connections
that my journey must go on.

Those twists and turns that life takes me
those trials and tribulations that come along
they’re experiences that define myself
like the Latin phrase,”ad viros faciendos’. 

When things get tough as I tread through,
I grapple and decide what to do.
The flurry of choice enables me
to remain unscathed and be true.

Individual road on a different path
takes me often to the world of parochial life.

More relationship to form and define
like a gift, a historical occurrence;
that bring new insights to my life.

During those moments of difficulties
I ask the grace to savor the taste of my afflictions.
though I may be weak and bogged down
at least I’m not making a mountain out of a molehill.