The wealth of friendship

Written by: mark escobar

The familiar phrase in Italian, ‘ciao’
closely links me to human understanding,
that relationship within one’s sanctuary
highlights its meaning of joy and bonding.

  It’s a friendly salutation, a common greeting,
  I like it as a cultured, ethical person,
  I like it as a way to wish someone
  With great respect and importance.

It makes me feel happy and recall
those beautiful people I met before
they’re real and caring souls
suffused with love and fear of God.

  Perhaps others may wonder
  wy I always mention them;
  trough words and even in writing
  tey really deserve this revelation.

My friends in Brescia, Italy
Knew well that journey to be true
As friends or persons with faith
a gateway to sacred relationship.

  Our friendship has gone through the years,
  wth some gray hair and physical changes
  yet in spite of distance and pregnant pause
  we’ve remained good and loving friends.

Up in the hill where I spent some days with them
I came to know more their own struggle
having a family with kids growing
I could imagine the need to be strong.

  Luigi and Patrizia, their names so beautiful
  with their children – Alessandro and Claudia
  who are truly precious gifts, a continuation;
  the answer to their own vision and expectation.

I hope to visit them again in the near future
they’re special people to my heart and soul;
their countless kindness and thoughtfulness
will always make me remember their deep ‘ciao.’