A Therapeutic Note On Loneliness

Written by: Akash Yadav

You try to move, something grabs your hair:
You look-about everywhere,
Try to reason and to see
Thinking,''What's that, that's pulling at me?''...

Then out of excruciating pain, a certain tear-drop 
You try to wipe it, when another crawls
Down, along the crevices in your eye:
You give up this struggle, with a sigh--
Try coming to terms with a pretence truth--
The feelings eat at your brain;
You lay low and sigh again,
''Where are the ones that loved me in soothe,
Who'd stand by me in thin and thick...'',
And decide you are sick...

More memories and emotions swell:
Still in a trance and still unwell,
You decide that no one cares;
But choked with a heavy heart, you try to find 
Your Power of Will--a longing for some place new,
As more emotions spill and spew:

Burden'd by the piled-up past,
You try to wake and rise-up fast--
Battle invigorating pain,
Get back on your feet again--

That's when you stop feeling blue
When such a Loneliness eats at you...