Email to Subby Conscience

Written by: Gail DeBole

(Gail's Note: Reply Email from Subby Conscience is the sequel to this.)

To: Subby Conscience
Re: Communication between You and Me
Date: February 4, 2012

Why isn't it easy to call you at will?
Couldn't I just Twitter or email you until
You provide the answer in clear, solid terms
So that I don't have to lie in your chaotic squirms?

Instead, you tug at my psyche
And laugh at my logic.
You taunt and tug at my struggles
And sap my dream tonic.
You expose my repression
While disguised as a friend
All the while sneaking around 
In my personal REM.

A swirl of feelings
Interferes with the theme.
Makes my heart pound and pound.
Makes it seem like a scheme 
To interrupt sleep 
And destroy my 8 hours.
To wither my psyche
And sap super powers.

And then comes the waiting
Sometimes for years
Of what this all means
Could it always be fear?

But unknown to you
Over time you are helping
To harness the pounding
And process all my days' yelpings
So that I can function in the AM and more
While you are repressed as
I cozily soar.