Choose Life Not Death

Written by: LEON WILSON

He left behind his kingly rule
And lived on earth with men so cruel
He came to do his Fathers will
And yet men killed, and yet men still
Cannot accept this gift so free
This gift to all humanity
The price, his life, he gave for all
Now is the time that we should call
Upon the one who alone can save
And free us from that torment grave
The result of sin what shall it be
Separated from God for eternity
The reality of this poem is real
Satan came to rob and steal
In this world your life he will demand
Its time for you to make a stand
Choose life not death and come to him
The one who died for all your sin
See what love the Father has
This chance of life don't let it pass
Call out to God repent and see
The love, the life, the victory
Now in your heart by faith receive
God's only Son in him believe.