My Dear Sister

Written by: Avis Bailey

I recently lost my dear sister, She's now found a brand new home. No darkness of sin or pain enters in, With our loved ones, she's joined round Gods throne. Where Jesus, the light, makes heaven so bright, She'll live for eternity, And when I'm called home, we'll join round Gods throne, Where together we'll always be. Oh! What joy she's having in heaven, Hearing Vestal, Howard, and Glen. Why, there's Jake and George. Oh, what a noise! As they're sing a brand new hymn. With James, Rex, J.D.,and others she loves, As Anthony plays on a new baby grand, She's in heaven, just being in heaven, For,their music goes on with no end. There'll be no darkness in heaven, For Jesus is the light, As each soul joins with him, The worlds darkness grows dim, As the view up ahead shines so bright. When we're welcomed up there There'll be no compare, To the beauty of heavens array. As I walk on this path, toward Jesus, at last, I know I'll see her again some sweet day.