God and Me

Written by: Daljit Khankhana

Dedicated to them: They attacked on Gurdwara in Boston.

God & Me
‘Why ‘m I sad’? I complain,
‘Cause of your desires’ he answers.
Why ‘m I helpless’? I afraid,
‘Cause of your ignorance’ he said.
Then what’s my grief? I asked,
Your never learnt, what Guru Ravidass says,
Human body contains five natural weaknesses
(sex, anger, greed, affection & proud) 
How can a person become healthy?
A person is sad because he wants to keep them.
A person is helpless because he wants to strengthen them.
If he knows,’ Death is certain’ then why is he ignorant?
The World is mortal; he can’t take anything with him,
What he wastes his life to preserve dying things?
He needs only a suit to wear, he keeps lot,
He needs a bed to sleep, he contains extras 
And waste his energy and time, never values a Life.
God is one, it’s a puzzle, we are brother & sister, Bible says,
Forgiveness and Mercy a message for all,
Guru Nanak says,’ we suffer because we never admit’,
How can we become true if taking lot of rubbish?
Ignorance to create human barriers to stop natural growth,
To store mortal things: to ignore the values for human living.
Human body is as a Toy that operates by a battery,
Soul operates a human body, you need to recharge it
To keep you healthy,’ Prayer’ That is only a saviour’.