Your Accolade

Written by: elijah prophet

In the summer of 1989, Keimona and Angelo were brutally gunned down on our San Fransico Estate.  I was shot in the left-chest and survived, but my parents died.  I was only seven years olded.
At the tender age of three I began rreading The Holy Bible to my mom.  She leaped with excitement and forgot I was in her lap as she read to me.  She screamed"Angie Angie, them baby read! come quick! Come quick!
Perhaps a moth later nuns came into our estate and my formal education began.  I was studying the introduction to math, alegbra, history, science, piano, catholicism, geometry,and english. up until that fatal summer day in 1989.
Since then I have been researching my anatomy and research law for personal reason.  So actually I am not a novice type of individual.
However, because so few are privy to my personal life.  Many seem to think that I am unaware of their fain accolades toward me.  I hod it not agains them, because they are
accustom to living a life of vain usage of powerful words only to observe the reaction of those who are the receiever of such folly.
With what I had to survive, please keep your shallow accolades to yourself and not waste your time attempting to induce a reaction from me.  I was always told that love, friendship, and other sacred words were action words.  Yet, you have untold scores of people who use such words for the sack of manipulation and whatever else is going on in their decay mentality.  Just keep your shallow accolades.