Written by: john bones

I know i can  make it I've come all this
way so  far, sometimes i feel like giving
up not wanting to go on, then at other 
times I find a new energy, a renewed
strength to push through and to stand, 
strong once again.

I get all down and low feeling useless,
worthless and plain  blue. I let the 
enemy whisper his lies, getting me
to almost believe him. But then I 
get to my feet, straighten my amour,
pick up my shield and sword and declare
to him who I am.

I am a child of the living God, the
God of Abraham, Isacc and Jacob,
my daddy. I am a blood bought
born again fired up spirit  filled,
saint of God.

So Satan you take your lies, with  you 
and close the door on your way out,
good bye. I am  committed to the 
three in  one father,son and holy 
spirit. I am a citizen of heaven,
God is my daddy, my all in  one.
That's who  i am.   Amen