Written by: Carol Zic

At 76 I’m walking a shorter path and I’m not sure how I feel
However, I think an additional 100 years of life would be ideal
It would give me time and chances to take a shot at everything;
Run the Boston marathon or on a gymnastic bar do a perfect ten back spring;
Climb Mt. Everest; win a Tony, vote in a woman as President;
Cruise Alaska, win a PCH contest, or think of something remarkable to invent;
Eat Chinese in China, Italian in Italy, try on a vintage Givenchy in France
See William’s coronation as England’s King or converse with a ghost in a séance
Just odds and ends, this ‘n that, a few dreams I didn’t fulfill
Opportunities I missed, ignored, failed at, or had not the will
To pursue or follow through with for one reason or another
(I’ve found it’s harder and lonelier to “do” without my Husband;
He was always and ever will be my beloved Significant Other).

Hard it may be, lonely or not, the will to live is not easy to disregard,
It’s like sitting in a ballroom staring at your beribboned, but empty dance card
When all of a suddenly things start looking up; you have dances to share
With friends, new faces and you're even invited to try a sexy tango on a dare!
There’s so much of life to experience and explore
Passing on with such a lot to see and do would be an absolute bore!

Hanging in there?  Yes I am, because I want Life whether rich or poor;
I’d like to graduate college and savor New England in the fall,
I want to discover and boldly walk through open doors
So I can relish all the places I’ve wanted to visit, indeed, gorge on travel galore;
I’d like to see world peace and bring discrimination to an end
Rarest of all, see Democrats and Republicans become productive legislative friends;
I look forward to actual freedom of religion, race and gender
And hope to spend more time with my children in harmonious family splendor 
I’ve got family, friends (perhaps the world!) to show how much love I have to give
And although aging may be physically (but hopefully) not mentally restrictive
I’ve no doubt in my mind (age be damned!) the older I get the more I want to live.