What matters

Written by: Bobb Marly

I sit and I ponder my feelings and dreams
I think of how things should have been and could be

If I had only did this or if I had that
I relive every moment and every fact

But digging around in the dry sand of the past 
I find myself buried in a dune of what didn't last

Buried in sand you can not breathe 
It covers you completely and absorbs as you bleed

You can see only the sand and not the sun above
You can only feel it and not the ones you love

Tired and releasing myself to the sand
I am lost and sinking deeper unable to understand

But just when all is lost and I feel I will die
A beam of light comes and fills my eye

I hear a voice firm and loving
I feel a hand grasping and pulling not shoving

It is my Lord whom delivers me
He pulls me back to reality

He tells me what was is not what counts
And what could have been will not amount

It is what is that really matters
It is what you do now that creates your here after