Words in the Key of Life

Written by: Jeff Troyer

These are just words:
Teacher and student,
Maestro and estudiante, and in
 Life’s great song you are a but a precious
 Fifteen notes in the
Monterrey of Mexico and I, some
 Fifty sonatas in the waiting room of ever afters, where
 Chords get harder to play in
Espanol or even 
Swahili, for that matter.

So this much I know: the
Great Conductor cannot miss the
Forever smile and wondrous lilt
 Endless, boundless, hate less into the 
Joy you caress when he hears the
Lullaby of your 
 Sanguine youth.


Oh  Yes! Let someone sing
 “Maestro” and another
 “Student”, and let too
Mozart waltz to 
Shakespeare’s sonnets and 
Handel serenade Cervantes, and when glorious
 Bach opens heaven’s door to recite Senor Paz’s
“No More Cliches”, 
Let’s join hands for the
Grand Concerto.

 For I once met a man whose tongue,
Trilling with verse, 
 Taught me: 
“Words are but
Melody in the symphony of the