Written by: Stephen Aniobi

Too late to cry and mourn yourself,
Bitter sweet the result of eternity,
Departure of no return, evaluating sorrow,
The wide road to destruction I took,

My cry ran through crescendo and beyond,
The stamp of eternal sacrilege placed
Struggling to secede the wrath, is unimplicable
The ocean of fire ran to taste my blood.

Lamentation on the dark faces of the inmates,
I see myself like a rich man, begging for a hand deep of water,
Tasty for restoration for millions of century,
Reminiscence brought memories, but all chances lost.

My worst enemy now my accomplice,
I ran from Canaan to Babylon,
If again chances is given, I will live without guilt,
Though the holiness of men is beyond His foot,

How better is the truth I rejected for pride?
Pride is a serpent causing destruction,
The winds hear me; take this message to my brothers,
For the result of pride is unimaginably not imagined.