Time Intrepid

Written by: Debbie Duncan

The never ending journey
It can take you anywhere
Name it and your 're there 

As two hearts melt into one 
It's an explosion of passion
Seeping out to light the night
Lusting hearts coming together

Emotions held captive within 
Candles burning bright now 
Shades of midnight blue
Light up the purple skies 
Desperate hands touching

Tender is the night we touch
Lying within each other's arms
A thousand eyes watching us 

As shadows fly across the sky 
Some are past, some still survive 
Make my way down the chamber of love
I hear such sweet moaning from above 

Hands touching flesh to flesh as 
The scent of us mingle in the air 
Flashes of the cosmos floating thru
The infinite wisdom surrounding us
I like it this way as we touch ~ yes 
This is the way I'd like us to  stay 

You take me there where I want to be 
there is no time or space with us  as  
Love's passions receive their message  
And we drift away on clouds of lust