Hall Of Fame For Daddy's

Written by: Avis Bailey

          She came here on a day most unexpected,
          And he took her up and held her in his arms,
          Yet,in him she felt the strength she needed,
          In his heart he vowed to keep her safe from harm.

          It didn't matter what she said she wanted,
          Cause to him she was the apple of his eyes,
          Though the things she asked for wasn't that important,
           She could always count on daddy to supply.

           He taught her a side of life that mama couldn't,
           Things like warmth,strength,and security,
           Though to him she didn't always seem to listen,
           But what she learned from him, she taught her family.

           There ought to be a hall of fame for daddy's,
           Created in the likeness of God,
           And heaven help us always to remember,
           That the hand that made the cradle,
           Strengthens the world.