Written by: Stephen Aniobi

Bye bye! My crawling dark black brother’s echoes,

Children and mothers moping in surprise,

The tree raising their heads to look forward,

The sky frowns at its unwanted visitor.


I can see a fish!

No, it’s a bird, but can’t move its wings,

Or is it the gods messangers?

These messengers; if really they are.


As u can fly like a bird?

Carrying people on your back.

Can u take this message to the gods?

Drop it by their windows, if u can’t stop.


Tell them we are dying of abundant scarcity,

Tell them electorates are slaves in the hand of the elect,

And that poverty has over throned us,

Let them send a savior to redeem us,


Fly, bird, fly! Fly far away,

Go hide under the cloud,

Take pity and pass this message,

For sorrow, agony and tears has taken over us.