Accidental surrender

Written by: Diwakar Pokhriyal

Air struck my body,

Leaving an impact,

A drop passed by,

Forgetting to make a contact.


A touch screamed in low,

Creating a chaotic mind,

Sun was at his best,

Still something driving me blind.


The darkness was hugging my light,

Time was handicapped by speed,

So precisely, was there my presence,

But someone’s crying indeed.


Clueless mind was stumped,

Heart pumping was loud and clear,

Oh my Lord, I was motionless,

Eyes forgotten to shed a tear.


Everyone was muddling around,

Senseless senses were at best,

Work burden finally crested,

First time creating a rest.


Doctors failed their battle,

No savior can now rise,

Loan payments are immaterial,

I am overpowering world of price.


Experience envisioned a synopsis,

No more dates from the calendar 

communication is over and out,

THY soul…..I finally surrender



*This is one poem from my first e-book (Solacious solitude).......available in