Written by: J Eliza JAMES


Newspapers and Magazines are different from the past
With the pictures words and format rearranged.
The striving and the needs of the people seem to last, 
It is only sights and sounds that since have changed.
The buildings are now taller, and the walls are glass not stone.
The vehicles make more noise than horse-drawn carts. 
There are super-market chains, instead of shops, that stood alone, 
And sold everything from nails to apple tarts.

Mr Lawson penned his verses of the people in the city,
And saw the gutter children fighting in the dust.
He looked out on their faces with sorrow and with pity
But did not let them know whom they could trust.

Our people of all ages, still squat in doorways of the shops,
Or in great big cardboard boxes they call home.
The run-a-ways and homeless, as street-wise as the cops 
Are left, with no alternative but to roam. 

Silently crying, heavily sighing, struggling along on tired, dusty feet
We who have all that we need to without trying,
Can help if we don’t turn away when we meet…
Those tired and weary faces we see in our streets.

Sorrow and pity cannot shield our folk from harm, 
When the need is for stability, by putting wrong to right, 
Pity and sorrow does not hold any worth or charm, 
Or keep people warm on cold wet winter’s nights 

With taxes and excise filling States’ and Federal coffers,
All our governments today have enough to share 
With all folk in need; fathers, children, mothers 
Without a home, without food, wanting; needing care.

The goodness of our countries and our peoples are renowned,
For helping all in need and giving what they can, 
We must continue fighting poverty, wherever it is found.
Giving, when need is present, whether woman, child or man.

© 2011 Wordancer