Written by: Tiffany Rowe

Why do you bully 
the weak?

Is it because
they are what you consider a "geek"?

Why do you insist
on tearing them down?

Do you live to see
people frown?

The words you say
are hurtful in every way

Did you think about
how their day has already been?

Maybe if they told you
would you listen to them?

How would you feel
to be bullied everyday?

Knowing no one cares
what you have to say?

Just to come home
and be bullied again

Wishing that their
lives would just end

It's not right to bully
just because their not the same

How do you think they feel
when you don't call them by their real name?

The next time you bully
stop and think about how it would feel

To see the pain
through their eyes would feel so surreal

Maybe you would 
understand their pain

And realize that your
the one to blame

So please don't bully
the weak

Just because
you consider them a "geek"