Written by: Clay Young jr.

Beginding We met in the slumber of the sun Where the sounds are more than verbs and voices But still, beyond a few, or two, shines one The rest are merely incorrect choices This feels like a shot in the dark But great fires can start from sparks I just May have met my match Burning bright at night and noon A little flame so hard to catch I’ve been burnt several times trying to hold her But I’d rather burn up than to grow any colder Our words are a tinderbox Our lips are the kindling Our hearts are the fuelwood Now the fire needs tending Just when I realize I can’t love you more I discover that I love you more than I realize Sometimes, the embers May burn low Feels like it’s all turned to ash But you and I both know It’s burning still It only needs stirred and stoked to grow And be rekindled in a flash To take off the chill So consider this the first step I’ll swallow my pride, I’ll burn up my stash If it’s not enough, then foraging I’ll go Maybe I won’t succeed, but maybe I will At least I’ll know I tried… Once more, I am at your mercy Once more, my hand is extending Take it, or leave it, just please don’t deceive it Tell me at length, or tell me tersely But look me in the eyes so I can believe it Here, I wait for the beginding