Transparent White Vail

Written by: HGarvey Daniel Esquire

I woke up when the roof caved in, the smoke slithered under my  bedroom door
As I Crawled through my Sin, to that bedroom door, as I slowly Lift Myself off the Floor
I look through the window, and what do I see; My Bride, My Wife, My LOVE : LENORE
Shouting “ Harry the “Vail” is all You have Left of  “ ME “ “Open the door “ SAVE ME “
I cry as  memories, burn off the wall, I see the “Vail “ untouched by Satan’s Fire
The Burning Hot Flames, are biting on me; the Untouched : Vail “ is all I can see
I Grasp the : “ Transparent White Vail “  Jump through the Window of  “ ETERNITY “
In a black flame of glory; the Devil speaks to me “ You Do Love Your Wife “ LENORE ?“
I Look at the Ecru, Aging Transparent White Vail. My ALWAYS and FOREVER “LENORE”
                                    Begone Satan you do not belong here
                                 With Almighty GOD,the GOD that you fear
Inspired by the Contest : " Last Chance : Sponsored by Kristen Bruni
Dedicated to Forty Years of LOVE To my Life, My Wife, Lenore Ellen (Adams) Johnson 
November 4, 1951 - August 25, 1971 YOU are ALWAYS Remembered in My HEART

Author's Note : The Vail is what I would save in a fire; but I was robbed four Years Ago : The Thief's Prize -  " A Transparent White Wedding VAIL "  Please bring It Back
                       LOVE ALWAYS and FOREVER,  YOUR Liege...HG