Written by: Taylor Thompson

"I'm at home"
"I'm on my way home"
"Leaving home now"
We use the word "home" heavily.
Is it really a place or a routined phrase?
Who is to say where home is?
What is this home feeling many refer to?
Where can i pick it up?
I've got some feelings due.
Is it when you can't help but be happy?
Or when you walk through the door and the whole family gets sappy?
Is it when you feel warmth in your heart?
Or a sense of belonging,
Whether together or apart?
All i know is home for me is a vague memory.
Home is some movie i watch on tv.
I see others live it,
this feeling I'm lacking.
I'm afraid i may not know this home anomaly until i begin my own family.
When it comes to home,
im lost.
When it comes to family.
the feelings tossed.
When it comes to love.
No, wait.
They say home is where the heart is.
That's somewhere i belong,
Something that hasn't gone wrong.
This happy, sappy, feeling of warmth despite the fact of us being apart.
That's it.
They say home is where the heart is.
I want to come home.