Heads Held High

Written by: Rhema Jones

Our team stands proud with heads held high we stare
To say, “Good game,” to other players there
Another loss is added to our stats
But still we walk sincere in our congrats

I can no longer count them on my hands
The losses we have had and did withstand
And I can barely count one hand of those
Those wins we’d earned when all our hard work showed

In the moment we stand disappointed and sigh
But still we walk with dignity, heads held high
Our team, my team, seven girls our lineup
Not the most experienced varsity lineup

We are the dwarfs against the giants
The ones people look at and say, “They can’t!”
Heads held high we ignore their jeers
Their nasty comments and ugly cheers

Oh you don’t even want to know the score
We lost sixty-four to our whopping twenty-four
During a normal game many shots fall
Though we rarely ever make them all

But that doesn’t matter in our book
Inside our hearts is where they need to look
Though we are small we have some real fierce guts
To stay inside a league with such large cuts

We play our best and never quit the game
We are the Knights and must carry our name
Cause though right now we seem to be the least
Come back two years from now and we’ll be beast