Love Aussie Style

Written by: Lizzie Treetop

Fair dinkum mate I feel like a Tassie Tiger
And I’m not bullin’ you, and a real galah as well
How come this bloody sheila to such charms succumbs
I’m telling you me heart is racing and I feels like bloody hell
Might as well get stuck on the plonk and not sweat on it
Me life’s not worth a quid, cripes I’m really in a jam
I’m writing nothing but gobbledygook, I’m really up ****creek
Maybe I should kybosh this and shoot through like a Bondi tram
Don’t know if I’m Arthur or Martha and me pins feel bloody weak
She’ll me right mate, me mates all say, he’s got buckley’s chance 
So don’t just sit there like a stunned mullet, gal give it a go
Cripes love is in the air, and there are sure no flies on you
So put in the boot, and all bloody caution to the wind blow!  

Tassie Tiger – extinct species
Bullin’ – kidding 
Galah – an idiot
Sheila – woman
Plonk  - cheap wine 
Not Sweat on- not wait apprehensively
Quid – 2 dollars
Gobbledygook – nonsense
Up *****creek – in trouble
Kybosh – put a stop
Shoot through like a Bondi tram - make a speedy departure
Arthur or Martha - state of confusion 
She’ll be right mate - giving reassurance 
Buckley’s chance - no chance at al
Give it a go - tryl
No flies on you – you’re smart
Put in the boot -Drive home the advantage