Thankless passion

Written by: Murray Mahauariki

Endless days and endless nights, there is no great sacrifice, before themselves they will always put, this there life style for which they commit. Under appreciated for all they do, often looked down as worthless too, change they won't, this is what they do, for this reason, I write a tribute to you. We are kindred spirits, many stories can be told, each has it's own greatness, that we hold, so proud of every achievement that is gained, working relentlessly, yet constantly amazed. So many words can describe what you do, none can truly pay homage or tribute you, tirelessly you struggle each and every day, no time to rest, no time for play. There is no rule book to guide the way, each of you fight trying not to sway, it's a long lonely task, I wouldn't know where to begin, being a solo parent is a thankless passion. So to all the solo parents in the world, take time to breathe, so you really can see it all, without your dedication to your legacy's, it would be a sadder tomorrow for you and me. M.Mahauariki © 2012