My Lifebelt

Written by: Dave Timperley

My wife, my life, not trouble or strife,
My love, my devotion, she gives me emotion.
My partner, my friend, on her I depend,
My rock, my foundation, I'm hers 'til the end.

God gave her to me at a time on my way,
My life was just darkness, with no light of day.
I must have cried out to Him in my fear,
Without ever knowing that He was so near.

Our life started out with problems galore,
No money or home, our future unsure.
Her life was a mess, her marriage lost,
Her children taken. Oh! What a cost!

On the sea of life, we both felt adrift,
God must have seen us and gave us a lift.
We were each others lifebelt in a stormy sea,
I rescued her and she rescued me.

Life over the years many tears have we seen,
Our home has been happy, sad, and in between.
We have had times of trouble but never of doubt,
That our love for each other would always last out.

Through many years she tried to teach me,
That God's love was there, if I could but see.
I said that if God was so good and devout,
Why did our life seem always washed out?

If He cared, I went on to say,
Why do we struggle, day after day?
I took her to church each time she asked,
I waited outside 'til the service passed.

The years went by and she did not falter,
She prayed for my soul each day at the altar.
I never knew this, or just didn't see,
That Jesus was there and working on me.

She never gave up and neither did He,
They're a dynamic team, they rescued me.
My life I gave to Jesus one grey New Years morn,
All Heaven cried out, a new child is born!

Since then we have lived as best we could,
Alife to please God, as Jesus would.
Life is good, getting better each day,
As we live out our lives the Jesus way.

© Dave Timperley, October 2011