Stream Walking

Written by: Tucker Carwile Jr

                                   Starting the perilous journey,
                                     first one foot,
                                         and then the other.
                                    Entering the icy water of the 
                                       mountain stream.
                                    Steadying, loose footing on moss
                                        covered rocks.

                                     Making my way upstream,
                                              moving forward.
                                     Jumping great crevices of mountain water.
                                     From rock to rock,
                                                  ever onward.
                                      To the solitude of nature,
                                             away from prying eyes.

                                       Finally, after ankle bruises,
                                            wet from head to toe.
                                       I reach my final goal,
                                           where no man has walked in ages.
                                       The quiet,
                                            to hear my mind think.
                                       Lying back against some giant rock,
                                            ruler of my own domain.
                                       I bask in my victory of the 
                                             Sream Walker.
                                        But soon my time will end,
                                            returning to civilization.

                                         But for once,
                                            I was the olympic winner
                                         in the stream walking event