Always Keep A Black Dress Handy

Written by: Samantha McDougal

As night grows closer
And the days get cooler
You'll hover inside of your hermit shell.
Then one night inside of a hall
We'll pass each other by.
You'll speak too fast for your lips
And your skin will scorch the sun.
As you try to take back what you've
Been meaning to say
I compensate with one word,
And your head is sudden in spin.
We'll leave the floor to get some air
Outside these hollow walls.
You'll take me to your winded car
Where ashes fall below the stars like 
Crippled men with strengthened arms 
From keeping up with women.
I'd tell you not to fear my touch 
And slide your hand unto my skin.
Let me know when you'll begin.
I'll always keep my black dress handy.