Written by: J Eliza JAMES

The peaceful embrace of space and time,
The silence for thoughts to create a rhyme
Or to develop a plot of fantasy, sublime,
Is possible with the privilege of solitude.

In a bustling market or crowded room,
To escape the feelings of sadness and gloom
From an intractable life and a sense of doom, 
I escape to my refuge of solitude.

When I want to forget what I hear, what I see,
When I’ve been somewhere I didn’t want to be,
When there’s no land in sight on an endless sea
I find consolation in solitude.

If I hide away from the pain and lies
Then this place I choose could be my demise,
If the real world recedes from my unseeing eyes
While in a prison of unhealthy solitude.

So the haven I retreat to has a great door
And if I am wise, I will open it more
So friends can enter, as they’ve done before,
Then there is no reason or need for solitude.

When I work out a plot of fantasy in space,
Or create a rhyme with harmonious grace,
I need the time to peacefully embrace
The silence and the privilege of solitude.

© Wordancer