Heavenly Relaxation

Written by: Diwakar Pokhriyal

I am in the world of judgement

Where you had lost thousand battles

I am the king of king

Where  your emotionic home rattles


I freed my army of soul,

From your unstructured condemned kingdom,

I have reached the utmost level of insight,

Enjoying the bliss of freedom.


You tried to thrash my integrity,

With your devilish charm and enthralling beauty,

But I unbelievably controlled my destiny,

thru my fortitude and self efficacy.


And now I am pleased to find who I am,

Away from your atrocious slavious realm,

Realizing a sense of truth with touch of supreme,

Walking into the spiritual and scientific seam.


 Humanly desires are shrouded off,

A smile apprehending the purpose of existence ,

 I left you way behind unknowingly “my love”,

Now my soul is freely swimming in perseverance