A Blinded Vision

Written by: Shannon Felini

What happened to days when the dead were in graves and the youth gave respect to those over their age,when books were writting on page and no people were slaves, to a goverment made to portray those we left in dismay,the soldiers bleeding for days and fighting for a lost cause, sent into battle to solve the lost wars, we used them for chores and abandoned their crys, now we just watch as all the light dies, countries are falling as blood gets spilt, the leaves of great nations soon start to wilt, with each murder of innocence we condem our souls, we leave open our minds but bury our hearts within holes, so the torture and bloodshed remains unseen, to the kindness and caring of each human being, will this madness stop before theres nothing left, sure freedoms great but is it worth all the death, cant we have peace instead of peices everywhere, just look to the sky and smell the hatred in the air.