Women of Afghanistan

Written by: Riekie Briel

Women of Afghanistan,
Do you still marvel at the morning sun?

The reprieve of your burqa
Veiling blue salted cheeks of shame  
And circa;
No husband suffers blame.

Three hundred sixty and five days
And sometimes more
Husbands keep forever score.

Short and dark will be your days should you want to run
And dare to go beyond…
Their nang and namoos, 
Deified in your pain and bond.

On you must, Women of Afghanistan,
Take heed and disregard the ashes in your hearth,
Or soon you’ll be covered in the earth.

Women of Afghanistan, we wonder at your eyes
As they fly into the heavens and skies
With clipped wings bleeding…
We hope your daughters will look at your heavens and skies

With clipped wings healing …