Written by: Valerie Sherman

An Amen sealed the last good deed spoken
One last familiar cry gave way to silence - novel
enough to send Mortal man into insanitys vise.
Once a captive of this receptacle - I arise to 
glance back to the clothing I once wore.
An image which once answered to my name.
A roll call which I am voiceless to reply.
How long must I remain a host unto myself?
must I remain a citizen of a place I desire not to be?
A soft resurrecting voice broke the monotony of darkness
as lightening etches itself across the sky bidding 
me come- for we have been awaiting your arrival.
Radiant Holiness engulfed all else around. 
Hands and feet as finely polished pure brass
Extending to me his pierced invitation.
I glance to remind myself of what once was but,
My long time captor had met its final destiny...
From ashes to ashes and dust to dust.