Written by: Kennedy Elizabeth

I promised myself that I wouldn't cry
During this pointless goodbye
There was no need to let you go
It left me nothing to show
But a broken heart and a damaged soul
This wasn't my goal
I just wanted to set things right
I'm so tired of having to fight
Their outrage sounding in a cacophony of distaste
Flinging harsh accusations in their angry haste
Bringing up every little thing
Each word hit me with a sting
They got what they wanted
And I remain haunted
By what I did and what I said
The thought of tomorrow fills me with dread
There was nothing that i could do
The opposition just grew and grew
With no one there to defend
I just wanted the trial to end
Hearing my faults voiced to all
Watching them watch me fall
Pulled into this unwanted fame
I just want to end this shame