Uncle Joe's Prayers

Written by: E.J. Smith

Every day he prays
But Saturday is special to him. 
The week is done and the pressures
Of work are over--for a while.
It is time for the real work
Of his life to be performed.
Two hours in the morning
And two in the afternoon,
Though time is irrelevant
Uncle Joe can't tell time.
He just prays until needs are expressed
And his soul is filled.
And Oh! How his soul is filled!
Because, you see, he prays
With perfect confidence
(Some say the faith of a child)
That God listens and answers his prayers.

He prays for his family
Because he loves them enough
To care about their lives
Even when they do not.
When others are unkind and short-tempered
With his slowness
He prays for them to be blessed
With patience.
He prays for the church;
That there will be a great revival
And the people will turn back to God
And live in harmony. 

He promises everyone he he meets
"I will pray for you." and he does
Every day, with a double dose on Saturday.

So be aware that
When you meet Uncle Joe
Your life is going to change.
And when things start looking up
Remember that someone is praying for you.
And that someone, due to faith
And an uncluttered heart
Has a direct line to God.