Fathered by Infection

Written by: Pandora Bruwer

You say I'm a whore, father
But who created me?
You say I'm a prostitute to society
But who prostituted me?
You say I'm a perversion of beauty, father
But who perverted me?
You say I aborted your love, father
But who aborted me?
you say there's a darkness behind my eyes
But who placed the darkness there?
You say my heart is rotten, father
But who placed the worm in it's core?
You say you fear me, this demon in my soul
But who instilled this hate, who set the demon free?
You turned your back on me, father
for fear of catching this infection
But father, oh daddy dearest, who infected me?
Can you undo what you have done, daddy
Or must I do it for you?