The furrowed brow

Written by: Rhema Jones

*Try to guess what I'm talking about. The answer is on the bottom*

The bright white surface sits abroad and gleaming
All of its edges sharp and crystal clear
The white face stares ablank and motionless
Not a single emotion shows upon him
But soon his mood will change and wrinkles form
Upon his furrowed brow his wisdom shows
People come and go to learn his knowledge
They gaze minute upon minute becomes hours
Hour upon hour turns to days of gazing 
But soon his wisdom fades with one broad stroke
The place to which it goes nobody knows...
Maybe it sits upon the palm of him
Inside that little cube that dwells on there
The white abyss sits clear empty and void
Again his brow dost furrow deeply down
More knowledge is revealed upon his face
The wrinkles grow and wisdom shows, they stare
The face returns a glare his wisdom leaving
Stroke by stroke the wrinkles leave and...
The wisdom fades, fades fades into the white abyss

*I was talking about a white board*